Letter to Future Partners

Dear Future Partner

Dear Future Partner,

We know that you want to grow. That you want the years of effort and innovation that culminated in your product to reach patients around the world. And that you want to broaden your horizons to new markets.

What we can tell you is that Turkey and MENA can contribute to your growth beyond your expectations. That with the right mix of strategy and execution bespoke for your product, Turkey alone has the potential to perform at the same level as any of the largest 5 countries within Europe. And that Turkey, as the shining star of the region, is the gateway to MENA where more opportunity awaits.

But we understand that an emerging market can be daunting. That you would want a partner that you can feel at ease with by your side as you leverage these opportunities and reach your full potential. That in such a partnership, transparency at every moment is important to you. So is dedication. So is expertise.

And TRPharm is built on these three: Transparency. Dedication. Expertise. Like your own affiliate would be.

At TRPharm, transparency starts the moment we meet. You will feel the ambiguity and unknowns clearing away as we provide clarity on the way forward. We will then commit to what we can do; we will do what we commit to, and you will see it happen every step of the way.

Our dedication will be the driver of success. Because at TRPharm no challenge is too big or too small. Whether it is finding solutions to seemingly impossible market access situations, generating new clinical data or creating marketing best practices that our partners want to propagate on a global level; once we have taken on the challenge, we will go all the way.

And this will all be guided by our expertise. TRPharm is a commercial force that operates only in specialty fields, where focused business units are led by specialist physicians. Our teams are hired by reference only so that we perform consistently among the top 10% of our partners’ markets. As all our partners would tell you, we know what we are doing.

Built on Transparency. Driven by Dedication. Guided by Expertise.
This is TRPharm. Your affiliate in Turkey and MENA.

We look forward to meeting you.

start an outstanding